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Crazy weekend at the MoCCA festival in NYC.  Soooooo many awesome artists @__@  I knew maybe 3 of them but discovered a lot of new great people.  It’s a shame I couldn’t pick up more but my wallet was doing that whole flies zipping out of it thing by day 2.

Haul part 1 (from top to bottom left to right)

American Barbarian by Tom Scioli (I got it mostly because it looked hilarious I mean it has a character named Two-Tank Omen which is literally a guy with tanks for feet)

Ava’s Demon by Michelle Czajkowski (It’s a beautifully illustrated and animated webcomic you can find here with a really twisty turny sci-fi fantasy themed story)

Namesake and Jabberwocky by Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon (Another wonderfully illustrated webcomic you can find here that I picked up mostly for it’s Alice in Wonderland themes but it definitely goes far beyond just that)

Benthic by Ashton Posey (More webcomixs! This is a more gritty adventure drama type a la water world/mad max about a woman and her more dangerous lover scheme to create a new continent for the worlds poor whose subterranean homes are deep under the ocean)

Over the Wall by Peter Wartman (Fantasy, adventure and rescue missions!)

Hotblood by Toril Orlesky (akdhkshdf it’s really good, read it people About centaurs in the Old West and as others have described it’s a little bit of “historical fiction, romantic comedy, western, office drama, crime, and slice of life”)

Division by Tom Kirrane-Martinez, Melissa Martinez and Josh Breidbart (It just looked fuggin awesome…I’m kinda drawn to those sorty creepy but mostly 2 cool 4 u masked dudes

Prison Pit #5 by Johnny Ryan (It looked surprisingly like Superjail but the artist is not the same, regardless it’s pretty over the top and awesome.  Crystalline power dick anyone?)

Haul Part 2

Electronic by Joe Corallo and Danny Luckert (It’s cyborgs and sci-fi and hitting a lot of comic buttons I like)

Daygloayhole by Ben Passmore (I haven’t read it yet but the art is bangin and the story looks pretty intense. Stalk him like the creeper you are at

Aviary by Holly Mongi (A really awesome webcomic you can find here with a slight post apocalyptic I am legend sort of feel but with more actual society. I whined embarassingly when I ran out of isues to read)

Copra by Michel Fiffe (It really drew my eye with its insense looking characters…also guantlet guns.  He has plans to do reprints of the first 12 issues so keep an eye out

Henchgirl by Kristen Gudsnuk (A really cute and funny webcomic you can read here about the shenanigans a typical henchgirl gets up to)

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